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Tickets SOLD OUT for the ultimate east coast kitchen party!

Tickets sold out quickly!  We’re excited to see “Strange Potatoes” on May 10 at the Harbour Street Fish Bar!  

4 Ways You Can Make the Holidays Brighter for Women and Children Escaping Violence

The holiday season is here. It is a time to get together with friends and family and celebrate. But the holidays can also evoke difficult emotions for women and their children who have recently left an abusive relationship.

Here are some ways you can help women start a new chapter in their lives and make this holiday season a little bit brighter.

The Power of Purple

The colour purple is associated with the fight against domestic violence. It symbolizes the courage it takes for a woman to leave her abuser. But the courage of the woman alone is not enough to protect her and her family. It takes the courage of an entire community.

Red Shoe Walk

We would like to thank all Red Shoe 2022 participants, sponsors and donors. We are thrilled to announce that together we raised over $105,000 for our shelter. 

Pub crawl raises $8,500 for My Friend’s House

For the month of September, fundraising teams from all over Simcoe County and beyond are organizing their own versions of the Red Shoe Walk, seeking to raise funds for area women and children’s shelters.